Biodiversity loss is a key environmental concern with major implications for ESG investing. This new report, based on a survey of over 2,100 clients (both individual and corporate), gauges investor attitudes to biodiversity loss within the context of ESG.


Topics covered include:


• The importance of biodiversity loss and key investor concerns within the environmental (“E”) pillar of ESG.


• Clients’ ESG priorities and beliefs more broadly, with survey response breakdowns for women, millennials and SME investors.


• Investment aims, performance expectations, sources of investor information and preferred portfolio vehicles.


Survey data in the report confirms that ESG considerations have an important role to play in portfolios and need not be associated with lower returns. But, the report argues, we still need to make sure biodiversity sits centre-stage in discussions around ESG. Technology and interdisciplinary collaboration offer us great opportunities to build up biodiversity knowledge and investors can play a valuable part in helping to reverse biodiversity loss.



To download a PDF of the full report, please click here.

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