Our Commitment

Our team explains its shared commitment to our clients worldwide.

Wealth management is unlikely to mean the same thing for any two of our clients. What we do for each of them can differ vastly. It is only by recognizing each one’s distinct requirements that we can have a positive impact on their lives and businesses. And, through our work, they can continue to achieve the things that are meaningful to them.


We are privileged to work with such fascinating and accomplished individuals and their families. Revolutionizing the way we live, communicate, work and even eat – our clients are truly changing the world. But reimagining the future can require expert support today.


People choose us because we understand the complexity of their situations, and are well-positioned to provide the often sophisticated and highly tailored solutions they need.

It’s important to recognize that our clients’ needs and expectations are constantly evolving. Meeting their demands now means anticipating them. It is why we have invested – and continue to invest – significantly in developing our wealth business for our clients.  


Our site is intended to provide a glimpse into the conversations that we are currently having with our clients around the world. The areas we explore are diverse and dynamic, reflecting the ways we support such clients. They are constantly moving forward – and we are too. 
I hope you will be inspired to start a new conversation with us.   


Fabrizio Campelli

Global Head of Deutsche Bank

Wealth Management

Fabrizio Campelli Global Head of Deutsche Bank Wealth Management

“Even my clients who are experts in finance can’t always be on.”

Samantha Gruendler, Head of Senior Executive Clients, Strategic Clients Germany

Clients come to me because they know I can help. They’re successful people, incredible achievers, but they still recognize the need to surround themselves with specialists.


“It’s a privilege to work with the names I do.”

Sascha Pietrek, Head of Wealth Management Saudi Arabia

When it’s a client’s assets and family on the line, then the conversation is completely different. They need me to fully understand their circumstances.


“In a crisis, personal or financial, my clients turn to me.”

Terri Sohrab, Private Banker and Managing Director

My clients come to me for what I call the ‘art of understanding’. I know them, their family dynamics through to the people on the boards of their companies.


“If a solution doesn't already exist, I do everything I can to deliver one.”

Frederick Fong, Relationship Manager and Team Head Hong Kong Coverage

Private banking is a people business. And I’ve learned that earning each client’s trust takes a certain delicacy.