We all know and feel that the world around us is changing fast and wonder whether we are living in unprecedented times. Change is a necessary condition to enable and improve the production of goods and to render economic growth possible. Buzzwords like Industry 4.0 are appearing in the media and in daily conversation. But are current developments and trends really so unique and extraordinary?

In this edition of the CIO Special report we discuss the following key points:

  • The components of change –  which set the conditions for economic growth.
  • Why technological change boosts growth –  via allowing for higher output through increased input efficiency.
  • Defining the four industrial revolutions – output and welfare have been driven by several major technological advances referred to as revolutions.
  • Political systems must debate change – pre-emptive policy measures can moderate the impact of technological change on human life. 


To download a PDF of the full report, please click here.


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