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Our long-term investment themes, now in their fourth year, target structural, long-term changes in the economic environment. They include Cybersecurity, Millennials and Healthcare (launched in 2017); Infrastructure, Smart Mobility and Artificial Intelligence (launched in 2018); ESG (environmental, social and governance) Investing and Enhanced Infrastructure (launched in 2019). For 2020, we launch two new long-term themes: 5G Fast Forward and Resource Stewardship.


5G is short for fifth generation within cellular (mobile phone) networks. 5G has higher capacity and speed to integrate various sources (e.g. sensors, cameras, maps, appliances, databases and drones). Its capabilities are expected to go way beyond the scope of previous network generations, and to have a profound impact on both consumer and industrial behaviour.


We define Resource Stewardship as the effective management, use and conservation of scarce resources. Our focus is on waste management and recycling technologies, since demand for these will increase in line with urbanisation and the rise of the global middle class, which by 2050 is projected by the United Nations to number three billion people.



What we suggest

Get ready for the next data level: 5G Fast Forward

  • 5G will create opportunities for the service providers that create networks and deliver data to end users; it will improve commercial productivity by enabling more efficient working, with a large impact on economies across the globe; and it will accelerate the creation and use of “big data”.


Resource stewardship

  • Increased urban populations will pose significant challenges for waste management and recycling. Regulation should lead to greater capital expenditures that will be relevant to a broad range of companies engaged in diverse fields.


Shape and steward the world of tomorrow

  • Investment based on environmental, social and governance (ESG) issues has gathered pace significantly in recent years. Companies that score better on ESG criteria may provide more sustainable long-term revenue streams, and have the potential to reduce risks through pursuing responsible business practices.

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