Deutsche Bank Wealth Management CIO Insights Reports on ESG

CIO Insights Special: Act today to ensure our future - understanding ESG

November / Fall 2017

The paper outlines our understanding of the term ESG and describes what we consider to be the most interesting developments in ESG investing. It takes a first in-depth look at the opportunities of ESG investments, and analyzes why this subject is currently moving centre-stage. To see the full version of this report, please select your region:

CIO Insights Special - Act today to ensure our future: Understanding ESG - EMEA

CIO Insights Special - Act today to ensure our future: Understanding ESG - Americas

CIO Insights Special - Act today to ensure our future: Understanding ESG - APAC


CIO Insights Reflections: Making a positive impact - on financial performance and on society

April / Spring 2018

In this report, we analyze decades of academic studies in order to answer a question that ought to concern any investor: do ESG considerations come at a cost to performance or may they even have a beneficial effect on it? The answer is differentiated and in many cases positively surprising. To see the full version of this report, please use the link below:


CIO Insights Reflections: The 'E' in ESG

April 2019

In this publication we aim to dig deeper into the environmental aspect of ESG, arguably the most striking and at the same time most controversial part.


CIO Insights Reflections - The 'E' in ESG

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