Loïc Voide, Geneva, Switzerland

Loïc Voide, Geneva, Switzerland

Head of Wealth Management, Middle East and Africa.

Born and raised in the French-speaking Swiss Alps, Loïc graduated from high school in the US and entered the banking world on a traineeship. Before joining Deutsche Bank Wealth Management in 2015, he spent 22 years covering Emerging Markets in leading Swiss banks and worked for a family office from the Middle East, gaining a wide breadth of experience.



Working with commitment 

“I always like to bring my clients something they might not have thought of themselves – it’s what they expect from me. But having the full resources of Deutsche Bank behind me is how I’m able to deliver.

I understand that, as wealth managers, we’re generalists. So when a client has a specific need beyond my expertise, I bring specialists to the table. Drawing on the bank’s wider network provides me with more ways to help my clients.

It’s a privileged position, but it’s also a big responsibility.

Loïc Voide

Whatever their ambition might be, I always want to be my clients’ first call. It’s a privileged position, but it’s also a big responsibility. I won’t simply say ‘yes’ to every request. Sometimes the work that goes into establishing whether it’s the right thing for a client can involve as much effort as the end execution.

Having previously worked ‘on the other side’ for a family office, I’ve gained a lot of insight. This grasp of client-bank and internal family dynamics helps me to understand the drivers behind many of my clients’ decisions.

Ultimately, I see my role as always thinking ahead on their behalf and helping to lay the groundwork for growth for the next generation.”

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