IBM Security Trusteer Rapport

Deutsche Bank has partnered with IBM to offer Trusteer Rapport, a free online fraud and malware protection solution. Trusteer Rapport offers you an extra layer of security while using DB Private Wealth Online Plus. Trusteer Rapport helps to protect your user credentials and sensitive information from fraudsters. It also helps prevent malware and fraudulent websites from stealing this information.


About Trusteer

Trusteer®, a leading provider of advanced malware and fraud protection solutions, is now part of IBM. IBM® Security Trusteer delivers a holistic cybercrime prevention platform that helps protect organizations against financial fraud and data breaches. Trusteer's goal is to prevent the root cause of fraud, reduce impact of fraud and provide real-time threat intelligence service.


How does Trusteer Rapport work?

  • Works in conjunction with your existing anti-virus software and helps prevent malware or fraudulent websites from stealing online user credentials or other sensitive information.
  • Protects and warns you from visiting a fraudulent website that a looks like DB Private Wealth Online Plus.
  • Can also be used to help protect other sites where you use financial information, such as online shopping sites or other bank websites.
  • Trusteer Rapport will remove existing malware on your devices, and protect against future infections.
  • No maintenance is required. All future updates are free and automatically pushed to your device once available.


Getting Started 

Download Trusteer Rapport

Trusteer Rapport Support

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Once installed, a small Trusteer Rapport® icon will appear next to your browser's address bar. The green icon lets you know when it's working. 


For assistance, please contact your Private Banker or our Banking Services Team at 1-866-362-4796 between 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. ET. 

By downloading and installing Trusteer Rapport security software you agree to all the Trusteer Terms and Conditions. Deutsche Bank is not responsible nor do we guarantee the content or services associated with this product. All problems, questions concerns regarding Trusteer Rapport security software should be directed to: