Frederick Fong

Relationship Manager and Team Head Hong Kong Coverage

“If a solution doesn’t already exist, I’ll do anything I can to deliver one.”


Private banking is a people business. And I’ve learned that earning each client’s trust takes a certain delicacy. Once it’s there though, we have a two-way hotline that’s always open. And I’ll do everything I can to maintain this privilege – no matter how challenging the request.


If a client or I have an idea, we can discuss it almost instantly. If a solution doesn’t already exist, I’ve the freedom to explore one and do anything I can to deliver it. Being part of a decentralized structure means I can react faster, drawing on our worldwide network when I need it.


This flexibility, as well as our diverse and innovative product platform, is why my clients can leave a transaction with me and know I’ll find a way to make it work. When one of these already successful people recognizes my role in delivering something they couldn’t achieve alone and thanks me for making it happen, it means a lot.